Chapelstreet Women

has a place for you whatever your age and stage of life. Here you’ll experience God’s life-changing grace, connect to God and other women to grow in faith, and be equipped to make an impact in your community.

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Women’s Bible Study

Moms of Infants through Elementary

Moms of Teens & Tweens

Single Moms


20’s & 30’s

Senior Single Women

Activity Based

College Moms in Prayer

Upcoming Women’s Events


We offer a number of activities including scrapbooking events, knitting and crocheting, and more.

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This fellowship group is for senior single women. We meet on a bi-monthly basis for luncheons with special programs featuring a speaker.

Our purpose is to develop friendships, strengthen each other in our faith and have fun together!

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20’s & 30’s

Come join us for Gather Groups which include a meal, an opportunity to acquire new skills, and a chance to discover a nurturing community with women who have journeyed ahead of you. We organize small groups of 8-10 young women, each assigned to different host homes for the evening. During these gatherings, you’ll not only forge friendships with your peers but also connect with more experienced women who have a wealth of life experiences to share.

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To explore more of what Chapelstreet has for young adults, visit our Sub30 ministry page.


Women’s Prayer Group

We consider it a privilege to pray together on behalf of our church family
We devote ourselves to praying every other week for the church staff, the various church ministries, specific needs of the church body and any personal requests shared by those who participate.

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Our Single Moms ministry is tailored for women of all ages who are single mothers, whether they are divorced, widowed, or never married.

We meet on the Keslinger Campus at 11:00am – 12:00pm. Childcare is available for birth through 5th grade through our Sunday School Programming.

During our gatherings, you can expect a mix of valuable resources, networking opportunities, heartfelt sharing, and enjoyable moments. Our mornings include brunch and a featured guest speaker offering practical insights.

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As your children enter the tween and teen years, you journey into a whole new territory.  Suddenly, all the wisdom you gained in the younger years is tested as you set boundaries, provide limits, and learn to let go.

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Mom’s Together is a program created to affirm and  encourage mothers of infant through elementary-age children.

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College Moms in Prayer

College Moms in Prayer provides a small group tailored to mothers of college-aged students, whether they are pursuing traditional college paths, serving in the military, taking a gap year, undergoing specialized training, or entering the workforce. Our teams consist of 6-8 moms who gather once a month.

These gatherings are dedicated to the dual purpose of praying for our students and offering mutual support. We offer both daytime and evening groups to accommodate various schedules and ensure that every mom can participate.

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