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Turkey Prayer Journey

05.01.19 | Jen Gomoll

Journey with Us!

Starting May 6 through June 4, please join us in a prayer journey to become better acquainted with the Turks of Turkey, the unreached Muslim people group that our church has committed to reach with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The 30 days of our prayer journey coincide with the Islamic month of Ramadan, when many in Turkey commit to the discipline of daily fasting and praying.

Our hope is that each day’s short devotional and call to prayer will help our Chapelstreet community grow in our understanding of what God is doing in Turkey and how we can be involved.

This year because so many rely on electronic communication, we are offering two ways to participate in this prayer journey:

·         Receive a daily email with a devotional and prayer points by contacting

·         Pick up a printed prayer guide in the church lobby this weekend or next.