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The Chapelstreet Church Fund for Local & Global Serving

Called to Generosity

We believe God is generous and that everything we have is a gift from his hand. We believe God’s generosity is most fully expressed in the gospel itself:  “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son…”

We believe God calls us, as His people, to be generous in every way: in our love, in our service, and in our giving. 

As a result of this calling and our heart for generosity, we have created the Chapelstreet Church Fund for Local and Global Impact.  This fund will enable each of us to make an impact that will extend beyond our lifetimes. 

Why the Fund?

Chapelstreet Church is here for the long run.  We certainly want to be vibrant today, but we also want to build a strong foundation for tomorrow and the generations that follow.

That is why we have created the Chapelstreet Church Fund for Local and Global Impact.  We want to be able to do mission-critical things that are out of reach of our General Fund budget and our Serve the World initiative.  Big things.  Transformative things.  Impactful things.  Gospel-centered things.

The Fund can be supported with direct gifts today or as part of your will or estate plan.  The Fund is maintained by our ministry partner InFaith Community Foundation in Minneapolis, and is very flexible to how donors want to give.  And, InFaith enjoys a stellar reputation for fiscal management and its commitment to Christian values.

The Mission of the Fund

The mission of the Fund is to extend the local and global impact of the church’s vision and ministries, the primary purpose of which is to take and share the gospel of Jesus Christ in the neighborhoods of our local region and other parts of the world.

The Fund is set up to do things other Chapelstreet funds cannot.  The Fund can be distinguished from, yet seen as complimentary to, our Serve the World initiative. The primary distinction is one of scale. The Fund will address much larger projects and needs. For example, whereas Serve the World supports 20 to 30 ministries each year, with most gifts ranging from $5000 to $50,000, the Fund will look for fewer opportunities but of larger projects of $100,000 or more. And whereas the median gift to Serve the World is less than $200, the Fund is designed to be the destination of larger gifts that typically will be part of longer-term financial planning.

Yet both funds allow Chapelstreet Church to have a tremendous impact around the world. The Fund requires that all things be Gospel-focused. The Fund will respond to larger-scale human needs like food, water, shelter, education and other services; educating and training groups of church leaders; supporting evangelistic outreach, Bible distribution and church planting in largely unreached areas; and improving or expanding the capital needs of Chapelstreet as we seek to reach the people in the region God has given us to impact.

The Support of our Ministry Partner

InFaith provides sound and responsible investment management of our Fund, as well as gift expertise through its experienced professional staff. InFaith staff is available to work with you to facilitate a charitable gift that benefits the Fund, fits your financial abilities, and provides you with maximum tax benefits.

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Support our Endowment Fund at InFaith Community Foundation - Find out More


The Fund is governed by a committee appointed by and responsible to the church’s Executive Council. Click here Chapelstreet Church Fund for Local and Global Impact to see the Fund’s bylaws.


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