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Bright Hope

Encouraging Women

Walking together through chronic illness, depression, and anxiety

Bright Hope is a care group offering support to those who face the challenge of living with chronic illness, depression or anxiety. This group is facilitated by women who understand the challenge of living with a chronic condition, and they will encourage an environment of hope for others on this journey. This group is open to all women who wish to be in community with others seeking Jesus Christ for the strength He provides daily as well as the bright hope He promises to provide for tomorrow.


Bright Hope meets on Thursdays from 7:00-9:00pm.

Fall session is 12 weeks. September 17th – December 10th.

(No class November 26th, Thanksgiving)

Bright Hope will meet via Zoom video conferencing.

There will be a $25 resource fee for the cost of curriculum materials.


Online registration

Email or

call (630) 232-7200 ext. 168

For more information about Bright Hope, or to be added to the Fall session please email