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Offering encouragement, hope, and healing...for where you are.

Our Care Groups offer encouragement, hope, and healing to those facing brokenness from their past or who are currently in a season of struggle. You are not alone. The Care Ministries are here for you, wherever you are in your journey.

If you are facing a challenging circumstance and would like some direction, please contact:

John Hoekenga, Pastor of Care Ministries 630-232-7068 x122

Julie Robertson, Coordinator of Care Groups  

Fall registration is open.

Bright Hope

Depression and Anxiety

Women’s group; Tuesdays 6:30 PM



Sexual Purity & Integrity

Men’s drop-in group; meets weekly, year round.

Divorce Care

Healing From Divorce

Co-Ed group; Wednesdays 6:30PM



Embrace Grace

Unexpected pregnancy & Single mothers

Women’s Group; Mondays at 6:30PM


Grief Share

Grief and Loss Support

Co-ed group; Mondays at 6:30PM




Women’s group: for wives whose husbands’ struggle with sexual integrity.


Bereaved Mothers

Women’s drop-in group; monthly, year round.  First Sunday of every month.


Sexual Abuse & Assault

Women’s group; Thursdays 7:00




Depression and Anxiety

Men’s Group; Thursdays 7:00 PM

Care Group Leader Application

Prospective Care Group leaders for the Care Ministry will find information on the process here.

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