Tracy Smith

“Let them praise his name with dancing” Psalm 149:3

Before Tracy had even considered moving to a new property, God had already begun setting things in motion. Not only did God prepare Tracy for this move spiritually and emotionally during GLS, but He was handling the details. On the second day of GLS, a woman sat down next to Tracy. Neither had intended to be there, and both were unsure of what was going to come of it. But when Tracy was ready to begin this move, she remembered the woman who happened to sit down beside her. She was a realtor, and she had just been trained in how to handle these types of properties.

Tracy Smith Studio BeforeTracy Smith Studio
Rooms that were filled with children’s chairs, books, and toys only a few months ago are now only a few mirrors shy of fully functioning dance studios.

Throughout the process of moving to the new property, many unforeseen obstacles met Tracy. Costs were higher, damage was worse, and necessary repairs seemed never ending. With each new obstacle, Tracy turned to God, and He came through. When funds were lacking in one area, there was a surplus in another. When help was needed, unexpected people stepped up. In a few short months, the property turned from run-down daycare center to beautiful dance studio.

We praise God for blessing those who serve Him and trust Him in their homes and work.

Tracy Smith prayer