Ed & Jan

Ed and Jan are linguists who have spent many years living on the island of Hope in SE Asia, with the T people. They learned the language of this jungle people and have helped translate the New Testament into their language. Now based in the US and working via internet/satellite connection, they continue to work with the T people and 3 other language groups to translate the Old Testament into their languages. They are being asked to find ways to help begin translation in the 25 surrounding language groups. Ed and Jan travel overseas several times a year to help train nationals in Bible Translation, and also to help teams prepare to have their translated Scripture checked and approved in languages of SE Asia. A deeper understanding of the newly translated Scriptures in these believers’ own languages, has resulted in their own cultural expressions and songs of worship, along with an exciting growth in their life in Christ and one another. Ed and Jan experience a family relationship with many of these SE Asian friends, and also have two children and seven grandchildren of their own.