Stadium Service 2021 FAQs

  1. Do I need to register if I only want to attend the worship service?
    1. Please do. We’d love to have EVERYONE register, so we can plan for our Chapelstreet family and guests.
    2. Of course, walk-ins are ALWAYS welcome.
  1. How do I register?
    1. Registration is also on the website:
    2. Registration will be available beginning beginning June 26.
  1. How will I know I’m registered?
    1. After you register, you will receive an email confirmation and a code.
    2. You may want to look in your spam folder if you don’t see it right away.
  1. What is the Schedule of Events?

9:00 AM        Gates open.  Please bring your emailed registration confirmation.

10:00 AM      Worship Service featuring a celebration of baptism and dedication of our 4th Campus.

After the service:       KidZone opens.  Recommended for kids ages 3 – 12.
Socks are recommended, but not required.

After the service for 2 hours:     All-you-can-eat lunch buffet begins.

2:00 PM         Stadium Service concludes.
If you paid for lunch, don’t forget to pick up your free Cougar’s ticket!

**Each person who has a paid lunch ticket will receive a complimentary Cougar’s game ticket for August 31, September 1, September 2, or September 3, 2021.

  1. If I want lunch, how much is it?
    1. $6 per person.
    2. Children 2 years and younger eat free.
  1. What is being served for lunch?
    1. Lunch includes an all-you-can-eat buffet: hot dogs, hamburgers, potato chips, and water or soda.
    2. A vegetarian option is also available; just indiciate the number of vegetarian lunches you need on the registration.
  1. How do I show I purchased lunch?
    1. Please bring your email confirmation with you to the Stadium Service.
  2. What if I want to be baptized?
    1. Information about baptism is on the website:
    2. The Baptism Class will be held Monday, August 23, at 7:00 PM at our Keslinger Campus. Register here
    3. Any questions? Contact Sue Ann at
  1. Where do I park?
    1. There will be parking attendants to help direct you.
    2. There is limited mobility /handicapped parking by Gate 3. Please indicate on the registration form if you are in need of a Preferred Parking Pass.
    3. If needed, general parking south of Cherry Lane will also be available.
  1. What about the Shepherd’s Heart Food Drive?
    1. Bring your Shepherd’s Heart Food Bag with you to the service.
    2. There will be volunteers to help gather the bags at every entrance.
  1. I have kids. Will there be childcare?
    1. The Stadium Service is a family-friendly event!
    2. Bring the kids to worship.  We want them there!
    3. There is no childcare programs or children’s programming.
  1. What if I get hot?
    1. BRING your water bottles!
    2. There is a covered concourse with seating available.
    3. Also, the back few stadium rows are undercover, so they will be cooler.
    4. If you are concerned about a medical condition due to extreme heat, contact an usher.
  1. What if someone in my family has limited mobility or is in a wheelchair?
    1. Please register and indicate that you need a preferred parking pass.
    2. You and your family member with limited mobility will enter via Gate 3 by the reserved parking area.
    3. The stadium is handicap accessible.  Additional wheelchairs will be available upon request to take you to the stadium seats.
    4. There is reserved seating on the concourse with room for wheelchairs and additional seating for family members.
    5. The deck where lunch will be served is also handicap accessible.
  1. What if someone in my family has special needs?
    1. This is a family-friendly service, and we want all of our Chapelstreet family and guests to worship together! Please join us!
    2. If you think that your family member would be unable to enjoy the worship service from the bleachers, please contact Chris at for an alternative solution.
  1. How do I get the free Cougars ticket?
    1. Everyone who has paid for a lunch ticket will receive a free Cougars ticket.
    2. Be sure to have your email confirmation of the lunch purchase with you when you pick up your free ticket.

Still have questions?  Just email Jennifer at

See you at the Stadium Service!

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