Serve the World

Serve the World

Advent Giving Project


Serve the World is an initiative to make the Gospel more visible both locally and around the world through supporting selected ministries in prayer, finances, and hands-on support.

It is our tradition that during Easter and Advent, Chapelstreet Church partners with a Serve the World ministry to help advance their ministry and reach even further than the support they receive throughout the year.

This year’s Advent Partner is Hope School.

Hope School is a project in a war-torn African country where more than one million children have been internally displaced. The school was founded by our global workers Doug & Carrie. In 2021 a businessman donated rent-free use of a new 86,000 square-foot building so Doug & Carrie could bring their message of Hope to their community. The school is a community hub for crisis care, offering trauma-informed education and teacher trainings, resiliency-building- lessons for families, and other community outreaches including food distribution and career training. Hope School is just starting, but already has about 200 students. It can expand to more than 1,500 students and broader community outreach with a strategic investment in facilities development.

Through the month of December Chapelstreet Church has a goal to raise $500,000 for Hope School. We want to transform their new, but unfinished building into a school that will transform their community.