COVID-19: Latest Chapelstreet Update from Pastor Jeff


11.25.19 | Stetson Butler










Which one is the REAL Pastor Jeff?

Every few weeks, people in our congregation make us aware of scam emails sent to them that appear to be from Pastor Jeff. These often list “URGENT” as the subject line, and make a request of the recipient, such as:

* Call me, email me, or stop by my office right away.
* Send money.
* Send gift cards.

Please beware that these scam emails are NOT from Pastor Jeff.
Some important reminders:

* Pastor Jeff will NEVER send you a cryptic email asking you to contact him immediately.
* Pastor Jeff will NEVER ask you to send cash or gift cards to him directly or to an obscure address.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do on our end to stop these scam emails from being sent out. They are coming from fake email addresses that resemble our real church email address, but with very slight modifications. If you receive an email from “Pastor Jeff” and question whether it’s really from him, it’s best to call our church office to verify its authenticity rather than replying to the email.

We are so sorry for any scam emails you may have received or will receive in the future