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We care about equipping you with resources to live mature lives for Christ. Whether that is through providing written material through our library, support through pastoral counseling, or a place to celebrate and be cared for during important and challenging milestones in your life, we want to be a place for you to turn to.

Our Resources


The Chapelstreet Church Library exists to equip our congregation for spiritual maturity and ministry by providing God-honoring resources that serve their spiritual, educational, and recreational interests.


Anyone wishing for information should contact Katrina Shaughnessy at


Anyone wishing for more information should contact Katrina at

Pastoral Care and Counseling

We maintain a list of Christian counselors who are located in the greater Fox Valley area and their areas of expertise. Contact our Pastor of Care Ministries, John at

Bible Foundations

Is the Bible reliable? How do we know? The documents below will help you answer that question.

Summary handout covering Biblical continuity, objections, reliability, prophecies and uniqueness
Biblical Reliability

The Canon of the New Testament
How Did We Get the Bible?

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