Marriage Mentor Program

Building a Strong Marriage

For those who are hosting their wedding at Chapelstreet and being married by a Chapelstreet pastor, we offer the Prepare/Enrich Marriage Mentorship Program.

To begin, each of you will take the Prepare/Enrich assessment.  There are no “right” or “wrong” answers.  The results of the assessment reflect your current perspective on a variety of topics.

After the assessment, we will match you up with a trained marriage mentor couple from our congregation.  You and your mentor couple will meet a minimum of six sessions to discuss such topics as Communication, Personal Stress, Conflict Resolution, Financial Management, and Expectations.

The benefit of this program is not only the sessions with the marriage mentor couple, but more importantly, the time you two invest in preparing for the sessions as you complete skill-building exercises and discuss a variety of fundamental marriage questions.

For more information on Marriage Mentorship email Katrina Shaughnessy at