How to Pray for Your Neighbor

09.19.18 | Jenna Dempsey

Where do I start if I want to reach my neighbor?

On September 15 and 16, our pastors invited us to pray about 5 names within our community that we might have the opportunity to discuss spiritual questions with by using the BLESS method.


Ask God, “How do you want me to bless the people and places where you’ve sent me?”


Don’t talk, but listen to people in the places where God has sent you.


Share a meal or a cup of coffee with someone in order to develop that relationship.


People will tell you how to serve them as you develop relationships with them.


When the time is right, share the story of how Jesus has changed your life.


We have provided prayer cards to help you with that effort, and encourage you to pick a prayer card up at a welcome desk when you are able. You can also download and print your own copy here. Look for information in the coming weeks about our partnership with Explore God Chicago in which we will be able to discuss those questions with our friends and neighbors who are curious about God.