Chapelstreet Church Governance

Information for members and attenders on how our church is governed

To fulfill God’s mission, a church must be governed well and in accordance with biblical principles. Here we highlight many of the principles and processes by which we are governed, including our bylaws and the process for being nominated and elected to serve on our governing board, the Executive Council.

How We Are Governed

While day-to-day leadership of the staff and operations is the responsibility of the Lead Pastor, our Bylaws reserve for church members the right to vote on certain key issues. These include the approval of the annual budget, election of Executive Council and Nominating Committee members, hiring or dismissing the Senior Pastor, acquisition of debt, and affiliation or merger with another church.

Our Executive Council focuses on outward mission, strategic leadership, and the future of the church. Council candidates are nominated by church members, screened by the Nominating Committee, and elected by the membership at our annual business meeting. Information about the Nominating Committee and its process can be found here. Candidates for Executive Council should meet these qualifications.

Nominate a Potential Candidate

Nominating petitions for 2023-24 will be available Spring 2023.

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