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Explore God

We've All Got Questions

Explore God

Explore God is more than a sermons series — it is also an invitation to our friends and neighbors to ask questions, to join a conversation, and to grow in our understanding of God.

Explore God is designed to be a resource for everyone. None of us have it all figured out and these questions around God are arguably some of the most important questions we should all explore.

Join us on this journey — as we Explore God together!

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Being Equipped

A Visit with Dr. Jerry Root

With Jesus: Personal Evangelism

Dr. Root shares his thoughts on personal evangelism.

Explore God is Here

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Filled with additional resources to equip you to have spiritual conversations.

The 7 Big Questions

Does Life Have a Purpose?

January 12 & 13

We all have something within us that yearns for value and meaning in life. Exploring our purpose is key to any faith journey.

Is there a God? How Can I Know?

January 19 & 20

Discuss one of the oldest and most important topics surrounding matters of faith and purpose.

Why Does God Allow Pain & Suffering?

January 26 & 27

One of the most asked and most difficult questions. Know that no one is alone when grappling with life’s many trials.

Is Christianity Too Narrow?

February 2 & 3

Christianity has often been criticized for being too exclusive in a world that is becoming increasingly inclusive.

Is Jesus Really God?

February 9 & 10

Explore the historical figure of Jesus and decide for yourself.

Is the Bible Reliable?

February 16 & 17

Investigating the reliability of the Bible plays a huge part in exploring God.

Can I Know God Personally?

February 23 - 24

As humans, we crave relationships and intimacy. Is it possible to know God personally?

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