Moms Together Session C

Thursday 10.19.2017
9:15 AM - 11:15 AM

Keslinger Campus | Worship Center

True You: Finding Your Voice

Tracey Bianchi

The pressure to conform and perform starts early in life and never stops. Women face increasing pressure to keep up with demands of life today (volunteer for everything, keep fit, cook healthy, grow a garden, join that club, keep those friends, tutor those children . . . and on it goes). What if we stopped to consider who we are when we set these pressures aside? And, more importantly, who God created us to be? Discovering our True You is a conversation about connecting with who we are and the deepest joys, passions and gifts of our lives. It is an honest dialogue with one another about what is working and what is broken in life and how we can mend it all together to be the mothers, spouses, friends, and colleagues God created us to be.

Tracey Bianchi is a freelance writer and speaker who has authored four books for women. Her work has appeared in various publications from Christianity Today to the Washington Post. She also serves as the Worship & Teaching Pastor at Christ Church of Oak Brook where she has led creative worship teams for over a decade. She and her husband Joel have three school-age children and live in the Chicago suburbs.

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