Moms Together – Session A

Thursday 02.07.2019
9:15 AM - 11:15 AM

Keslinger Campus | Worship Center

A Cinderella Life: Embracing Who You Are Meant to Be Right Now

Ginger Kolbaba

Cinderella put on a shoe made just for her and she lived happily ever after. What if the same can be true for you? What if your happily ever after is closer than you think? Ginger Kolbaba joins us to talk about how we can live fully in the right now instead of always looking ahead to the “someday.” The good life isn’t in the future or at the end of some great achievement. There’s a lot of joy in the present moment and embracing the person we are – we just need to know what to look for and then grab onto what’s rightfully ours to experience a happily ever after today.

Ginger Kolbaba is an award-winning author, editor and speaker. She is a devoted follower of Jesus, a proud grandma of three, and a light-hearted contemplative who loves seeing the joy in all situations.



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