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Marriage Rx

Friday 03.05.2021
7:30 PM - 8:00 PM

All Campus | Virtual

Keeping Your Marriage Healthy During a Pandemic

Join Pastor Brian and Lorene Coffey on 4 Friday evenings (February 19 & 26 and March 5 & 12) as they offer encouragement to marriages by identifying common stress points and suggesting healthy coping strategies.  We encourage you and your spouse to save this time to focus on each other. A different topic will be covered each week as well as interviews with other couples from Chapelstreet.


The combined and unique stresses of this “season of COVID” can strain relationships and create tension and conflict in couples.

Marriages experiencing stress need to focus on extending grace to each other. Grace is understanding, listening, supporting and serving each other.

The stresses of living, working and educating at home require paying attention to SPACE. Couples and families need to create boundaries that allow each person to have their own space.
This also means establishing healthy rhythms and routines when life is unpredictable and chaotic.

This season has forced us all to focus on physical health – but spiritual and emotional health are equally important.
Couples need to be paying attention to their own spiritual and emotional health – as well as the spiritual and emotional climate of their marriage and family.

Join us on our MarriageRx page, Facebook, or YouTube.

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