All-Time Best-Seller Book Club

Reading and treasuring God’s Word

Today there are more Bibles than ever, and in our web-connected world, you can access Scripture with just a quick keystroke. So why is Bible reading declining? Why are we not fully engaged in God’s story for our lives?

At Chapelstreet Church we are making a concerted effort to engage God’s people in God’s Word–both in community and in context. Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and immerse yourself in God’s Story!

All-Time Best-Seller Book Club

Answers to Your Questions

The All-Time Best-Seller Book Club is a great program for people of all ages to read, engage with, and study the Bible in community. You may have questions about how it works. We have answers!

Weekly Readings

Our reading plan allows you to read through Hebrews and Ephesians slowly and contemplatively.


If you haven’t gotten a copy of Hebrews and Ephesians, or if you need something else, we have it for you.


Here’s where to register for an All-Time Best-Seller Book Club.

Past Programs

Hebrews and Ephesians marks the fifth community Bible reading program at Chapelstreet Church. Read more about past programs.

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