Kids Ministry Residency

Chapelstreet’s Kids Residency Program is a one-year process of learning, mentoring and ministry experience for those called to some form of kids or student ministry.

Who can apply?

Men and women who have completed or are close to completion of a college degree with a desire to go into full-time ministry. A degree in early childhood education or ministry is preferred but not required. We are looking for that person who enjoys leading large groups of kids, has a teaching gift, and is comfortable on stage. 

What will the residency look like?

Exposure:  1-2 months of observation – weekends, midweek programming, Kids and Next Gen staff meetings, budgeting process, recruiting, curriculum content. In months 1 & 2 we will be getting to know each other and developing a personalized plan for your growth and development as a leader. 

Education: (on-going) Assigned reading about Kids ministry; one-on-one discussions; possible conferences or off site trainings with the Chapelstreet Kids or Next Gen team

Entrusting: In months 3-12 month. You will fully engage on our team and be entrusted with hands-on ministry responsibilities. You will rotate weekends through areas and campuses- responsibilities may include:  lesson planning, teaching, preparing small group resources, participating and planning large group events and activities. During this time you will also work on a Residency Project which will be based on ministry needs or resident’s gifting. 

How do I apply and will I be compensated?

Fill out our application and you will be contacted by the Director of Staff Culture and Leadership Development. As part of the application process please include a letter of recommendation from previous ministry leaders or pastors. You will be compensated as a part time employee with a stipend. The amount will be discussed with you if you receive an offer.

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