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Membership at Chapelstreet

Our Membership Class gives you a chance to learn what our church believes. At the highest level, we want you to understand that we are a church committed to advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

More specifically, you will learn about our mission: to be a family of neighborhood churches that are committed to transforming lives to impact the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. You will also learn how we aim to accomplish this mission of experiencing grace, growing in faith, and making an impact.

Our Membership Class will encourage you to become connected to other believers and equipped in your own spiritual growth.

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For more information, contact Sue Ann at saegan@chapelstreetchurch.com or 630.232.7068 x132.


Upcoming Events

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To be completed after the membership class

After the class you will be given a hard copy of the following documents to fill out and turn in. If you would prefer to fill them out online instead, they are here.

  1. Application
  2. Faith story worksheet
  3. Feedback form

Save the documents and e-mail them back to Sue Ann at saegan@chapelstreetchurch.com

Upcoming Class

None scheduled at this time.  

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