Job Opportunities

The following are the current job openings here at Chapelstreet Church:

Facilities Assistant

Posted 4.10.19

The Facilities Assistant is a part-time position (~30 hours per week on average) and will provide support to the church’s facilities operations, including event setup, routine mechanical maintenance, custodial work, and groundskeeping. Flexible scheduling, including some weekend work, is necessary.

Job Description – Facilities Assistant

Job Application

Questions? Contact Doug Kight at

Communications Planner

Posted 3.13.19

The Communications Planner is a part-time role (approximately 25 – 30 hours per week) providing support to the Director of Communications to help plan, schedule, and track church-wide and ministry department communication needs.

Job Description – Communications Planner

Job Application

Questions? Contact Jennifer Gomoll at

Paid Childcare Workers

Posted 2.2.18

Loving, caring childcare is vital to the ministries Chapelstreet Church provides for the women of our church and surrounding community. Paid childcare workers are needed primarily on Thursday mornings, September-May, from 8:45-11:30 a.m. Childcare workers will receive training in childcare policies and responsibilities, which include providing a high quality of care to the children, greeting moms, and cleaning up of rooms. Interaction with children includes supervising play, reading stories, doing the prepared craft, and offering the provided snack.

All paid childcare workers report to the Paid Childcare Coordinator, who is part of the Chapelstreet Women staff at Chapelstreet Church.

Paid Childcare Application
Reducing the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse (docx)
Chapelstreet Church Protection Policy (docx)

Please submit the application to Mary Keeley, Paid Childcare Coordinator, at

For hired paid childcare workers:

Acknowledgment of Receipt and Review of Paid Childcare Handbook